Monday, October 15, 2012

1# Planning


My semester break by right starts today but im still stuck in KUIS due to complete my Arabic's video (assignment actually). So, i'm planning to settle everything by tomorrow, shooting in the afternoon. Straight work out with editting and submit in the evening. Then straight forward go back to Klang.

So far the planning for holidays are :
19/10/12 (fri) : Meeting MPP With Pengurusan KUIS
20/10/12 (sat) : Swimming in UITM Shah Alam (i miss swimming soo much!)
21/10/12 (sun) : Jogging, Shopping, Sleeping.. Visiting maisaghoh & Emir (my adorable niece & nephew)
22 - 23/10/12 (mon - tues) : Taking care of my Untie. (she's going to undergo minor operation)

Yang Paling Penting :
24/10/2012 (wed) : Hubby balik. Yeay! Can't wait! We're going off to Terengganu for his cousin's wedding :)

Last 2 weeks picture together. 
We when to Pulau Pangkor. Attended a wedding reception :)


Just now hubby whatsapp me "sayang free tak bulan 3".. He starts asking me when will be my nest semester break. I guess he's planning something special for me since my passport dah lama tak kena cop. Last masa raya sebab raya Singapore. huhu. Just let it be. Bukan senang my hubby nak romantik. Sejak dua menjak tengok movie "Aku Terima Nikahnya", the sweetness of the Hero terserap dalam diri dia. Tak sia - sia ajak dia tengok movie tu. Hamdallah I'm glad enough. Even Nora Danish super duper hyper gedik. haha

ok thats it for today. Semoga harini lebih baik dari semalam & esok lebih baik dari sebelum - sebelumnya 

Jazakillah.. Good night =)

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